Steve Jobs: “Next Final Cut Studio Will Be Awesome”

April 13, 2010

I am fed up. Fed up about the fact that Final Cut Studio 3, put bluntly, was a very weak update. Fed up that competitors seem to be announcing new products left and right. And fed up about Apple’s obligatory secrecy in a market that can’t handle to be unsure when their livelihood will get updated.

I’m certainly not alone in my sentiments. Users from all over the world have been using the internet as an outlet to vent their frustration. Mac Soda reader Alex J. decided to let Steve Jobs know personally how he feels about the matter, and as though he were talking to the Lord God himself, simply asked for a sign.


Getting worried about Apple’s interest in Final Cut. Last updates were not stellar. I heard a bunch of engineers were dropped too – give us a sign you still care about Pro Video, not just the iPad.



These days Mr. Jobs seems to be responding to everyone (he’s responded to all three of mine), with rather blunt answers. I guess he must’ve been in a good mood, because Alex got a whole three sentences worth, in which Mr. Jobs answered the three of the four questions that all video enthusiasts have been wondering aimlessly. 1) Does Apple care about Final Cut?, 2) Who were the Final Cut employees who got fired?, 3) Will the next release be any good?

We certainly do.  Folks who left were in support, not engineering.  Next release will be awesome.

Those definitely were the answers we wanted to hear. The fourth question, of course, is “When will the next release ship?”, and while he didn’t answer that lingering question, Mac Soda has it on reliable word that a new version will land by the end of 2010. While we don’t have a tangible product at the moment, we can take consolation in the fact that Apple cares about professional video, talent has not been cut from Final Cut, and the next release will in fact be awesome.

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85 Responses to “Steve Jobs: “Next Final Cut Studio Will Be Awesome””

  1. Michael Scully said

    I disagree. FCP is excellent. So what if CS5 and AVID (losers) are announcing things. So far the only things impressive are their announcements. It has been easy to dump on Apple since 1984. Ask Steve Dvorak, or whatever the prick’s name is.

    Apple should not abandon FCP and I don’t think they will. For $1000 when you heft what we get, it is the greatest thing since Bon Qui Qui.

  2. FCP is excellent…… that’s true,,,,but time goes on…and fcs…is not moving with it….now it needs to cache up..and pass…. I hope it will!

  3. jan said

    I must disagree about the latest FCP upgrade was week. Final Cut it self has a lot of workflow enhancement that really saves you a lot of time like markers that moves if neccessary and lift and stamp in Soundtrack pro. It is small improvements that really would have saved me a bundle of time in earlier versions of FCP.

  4. george said

    “We certainly do. Folks who left were in support, not engineering. Next release will be awesome.”

    This is not true. Engineers were definitely let go, although it would not be true to say the team was gutted. Hopefully the next release will be awesome however.

  5. No offense george, but I trust Steve Jobs more than you.

  6. george said

    No offense taken, but what I stated was not an opinion.

  7. ed said

    Final cut workflow was improved. But compressor is a dog. I clap and cheer whenever my processor load goes above 30% in compressor. DVD studio was unchanged as with most of the other studio programs.

  8. Leddy said

    Add to DVD Studio Pro not being updated the fact that LiveType was dumped and Motion not being an adequate relacement for some of the things you could do in LT, making FCS3 a disappointing release.

    I hope some of the LT crew are around to enhance Motion’s text capabilities in the next release.

  9. Tom Bodet said

    Well, I sure hope so, the audio loops fell a little short this last time, but motion was very good, the fcp gui, was about the same with most improvements coming in the form of a more enhanced data flow,

    will it be worth the 800 upgrade they are allegedly going to charge?

    I truly doubt, it, besides, until steve gets his head out of his, ——–

    on the iphone and ipad platform I am not buying a thing from apple

  10. Johnny Stickino said

    Apple has some serious catching up to do. The latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 has some really sweet features in it like real time native support for Red and Avc hd. Do I think Apple can come out with something better, of course I do but the 2 questions are…. do they care anymore? and if so when will we see a new major update to FCP?

  11. Johnny Stickino said

    ….oh yeah one last thing how Apple Final Cut Pro about supporting Blu Ray god dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. well if steve jobs really….said the things he said….then i think fcs willbe all-sum

    but i don’t believe it….you don’t they(apple) just make a public statement….like adobe did before it came out…

  13. Dick nelson said

    Read this Sun Tsu quote:

    “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”

    Then consider that Adobe wanted to be able to crow about how CS5 is all you need for iPhone/iPad and web creation. Steve managed to pee on their Wheaties without leaving the farm.

  14. All I want for Christmas is better support for non-tape-based timecode and logging. (and fix the damn AVCHD transfer jog/shuttle bug!)

  15. Adam Oas said

    Ed… I agree that Compressor is a dog, but I get 100% utilization with it all the time (in fact I use it for distributed renders of my compressions a lot giving me massive power). Turn it on in Qmaster settings and then check the box in Compressor when you submit. Smokin’ fast if you have many machines/processors.

  16. Tom Bodet said

    I believe, and this is just an opinion and as such may or may not be the opinion of the owners of this website, butt, it appears, that finally, the studio will be using a true 64bit engine,

    what? they have not been doing that all along, ah, no, they have not, but apparently they will, so yes, it may actually be awesome…

  17. robgwilson said

    Now at – Avid kicks Final Cut when its down:

    I like to see this, but the truth is that it’s not right now. Most of us here in Los Angeles need to learn/know/work with both systems, and currently Avid is winning. It’s not even close.

  18. Cranston P.K. Tewksbury III said

    Wow, he responded to your snarky email with a 2-sentence plug and you’re promoting it. Little star-struck, Alex?

  19. Haywood said

    George is right–fact, not opinion.

    FCP is a nice offline editor but as an online/conform tool it is a dog and hasn’t meaningfully changed since 2005.

    I think “it will be awesome” is a pretty thin string to hang our hopes on. I’ll believe it when I see it. Not holding my breath however.

  20. Peter Wollsey said

    I wonder if people who have actually used current a current version of AVID or know about and understand the implications of the recently announced $995 DaVinci on a MAC think that the latest version of FCS was a strong development…..

    FCS is lagging at the moment – it might be fine for the prosumers, but after being primarily a FCS user for the past few years, I am beginning to think seriously about other tools again…..

    And much as I respect Steve Jobs and would defer to his expertise on most things Apple, I wonder how much he really knows about professional broadcast (and above) post production….

  21. Jared Bell said

    I’m still running FCS2 and while I like FCS3 and some of the features its added, I am going to wait for FC4 or what ever they call it. FCS2 is great and works perfect for me. And I am not about to go out an learn a whole new NLE just because Avid has a couple of new tricks. I am excited that Apple are continuing development of FCS. So I will wait, FCS2 serves me well. Apple are also not going to abandon FCS as it is the reason a lot of people switched to the Mac in the first place, it is for me. Just look at the last Oscars, 9 out of 10 documentaries that where nominated used FCS. I am sure this pleases Steve to know this and I am sure that Apple wants to keep and expand this market, all I can say is they must be doing something huge and that is why it’s taken so long. So thanks for this post, you give us hope.

  22. Mr. X said

    Yes George is right. I was a ProApps engineer, and I was laid off this last Feb. I was not “in support”, and all my yearly reviews were “exceptional” — just so you know i wasn’t a slacker. Steve’s gonna tell you what he wants you to hear. Propaganda baby — Apple’s good at it! As much as I love ‘em, that’s the truth.

  23. So! that being said…..maybe NO NEW FINAL CUT STUDIO…for a L_O_N_G_T_I_M_E………..well CS% IS LOOKING REAL GOOD ABOUT NOW!

  24. Elliott said

    I’m a long time Logic Pro user and during the Logic 8 stage Logic only received two minor updates, which were issued in the first six months, then nothing…. not a word from Apple about any further development for several years. Logic 8.0.2 was still filled with bugs, everybody, (myself included) were getting extremely worried about Apple’s commitment to Logic Studio and the future of Logic Pro. I was highly considering switching over to Pro Tools, as were many other long time users. Then Logic 9 came out out of the blue. I was very sceptical at first thinking this release was just going to come out, adding a few (long overdue) features, then Apple would forget about it for several years like they did with Logic 8.

    Since Logic 9 has been released it has been updated 5 times, (I also believe Logic 9.1.2 is due out very soon) since Logic 9.1 it has been completely rewritten and now supports 64 bit. Every release has not only squashed many bugs, but also added many features along the way. Logic 9.1.1 is definitely the most stable version of Logic I’ve ever run.

    I now believe Apple cares very strongly for their Pro Apps and during the Logic 8 stage, they were rewriting the application to support 64 bit. I also believe this is the stage Final Cut Pro is going through at the moment. I now honestly believe that Apple will come through with the goods with Final Cut Pro, it’s just all of there secrecy BS that gets in the way.

  25. Chribbe said

    This is so great to hear! Wasn´t so hard Steve? Now we can almost relax. Of course Apple is working on the next superversion of FCP, 64 bit new UI, other formats (R3D) and stuff. FCP3 was a joke. Apple calls them self innovative, nothing in FCP3 was innovation, just fixes. The marker “feature” was on the list for version 1.0 but got pushed until 7.0. Bluraysupport in Compressor? Yeah…
    Shure the new ProRes codecs are almost worth the upgrade in i self. But FCP 3 will always be the loser upgrade. Sorry to say.

    Both Avid and Adobe got some great stuff coming this summer. Premier Pro can do redfiles in 4K, realtime with greenscreen keyer and 4 picture in picture backgrounds. Now that is innovation. Also the new rototool in AfterEffects is just mind-blowing. Days of work done in hours. So Apples got a lot of catching up to do. I hope and believe that Apple will soon release a new FCP. Like I said before, the pricedrop of FCP3 shows that it was a inbetween version. Next version will be full price again and have all the new stuff.

    But apple should communicate this better than Steves short emails. I was at the FCPUG Supermeet the other day and one of apples guys was talking about FCS right after Avid and Adobes presentations. It was painful to see. Nothing new, just talking about how FCS have been used the last year. Wow 9 oscars! Well, in the Documentary class that is (no money). I guess none of the featurefilms used FCP. It´s old in the way you work with it.

    But, Steve has spoken. That is good. Now, a date would be nice.

  26. But, Steve has spoken

    HOW do we KNOW THAT E-MAIL (STEVE JOBS) WAS NOT BULLSHIT…I MEEN ADOBE WAS SAYING WAY BEFORE CS5 CAME OUT…THAT IT WAS COMING OUT…IT WAS A REAL STATEMENT……THIS IS JUST HERE SAY…and what about what mr x said…….apple likes to bullshit…….well ill believe it whan i see it….but i doubt it…

  27. Wow, excellent post! I am intrigued.

  28. henry said

    Yes FCP is lagging in comparison to the competition, but if you know the task that is currently underway, you’ll know its only a matter of time before Apple release a new version of FCP that will ‘rock’.

    The last update was intentionally low in new features b/c Apple is likely having to do a total rewrite of FCP to support 64 Bit, Snow Leopard compatibility, rewrite Grand Central dispatch to support FCP’s 1.5 processes limit. There was no point in adding a bunch of new features when they are in the process of doing a ‘total’ rewrite.

    Trust me people, Apple probably has a lot of programmers and engineers working on nothing but rewriting FCP. It is a big task and I assume it has most probably been going on for a while now. But b/c Apple doesn’t give away insight into any developments, we think they’ve abandoned FCP. Far from the truth. Take Jobs’ word, “Next Final Cut Studio Will Be Awesome”. I believe him because of the technology that is already in Snow Leopard. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    The last update was just an appetiser for what is to come by the end of the year or probably beginning of 2011.

    watch this space.

  29. Tom Dennis said

    Well, All I really care about is the value, is it worth it to upgrade?

    Because this last upgrade, was ok, but nothing special, and regardless, of how special apple thinks they are, if they dont provide exceptional value, eventually someone else will.

    Take for instance, the apple loops, with studio 2, almost no change at all,
    now that was a rip

  30. Sean said

    “Steve… give me a sign…”

  31. ….apple will never be #2…and if they are now….it won’t be for long….when the new fcs comes out….. will blow the doors off every thing out there….and it’s coming soon…..and sooner then you think!!

  32. Marck said

    Hi i’m really happy to see, Steve answer a question about Final Cut, and hope the next version is really awesome…
    Well also hope a really hard beta testing… We need a professional product for our works :D

  33. Not Mr. X said

    I was also a software engineer on the FCP team, and was laid off, along with a bunch of other people. No, we weren’t “gutted,” but the team is significantly smaller, and has fewer programmers, not just “support.”

    ProApps also went through a lot of management changes in the last year. A bunch of engineers were pulled off to ship iPad and Aperture, too.

  34. ….well that’s bad news for us pros who use fcs for a living…..I hope they (apple) come out with something real soon….and I hope it’s really awesome…..BUT you know Im starting to doubt it more and more……….and more!

    mike! really, what do you have to say about it….

  35. Not Mr. X … you think apple will give us a new FCS 4 this year?

  36. As a developer wo has an interest in this so keeps up with it..
    Sorry FCP users, the forecast of 2012 is most likely very accurate.

    The re-write needed for such a complex tool will take a long time. LONG TIME.

    We are not talking about something like, just going 64 bit but also implementing totally new foundations. (GPU integration)

    Adobe was degraded for going the CODA route by FCP fanboys, but really, it is a very good move as it places them a LONG way ahead of Apple, even if apple was trying to keep up. Which they are obviously not.

    Apple is known to be lacking programmers of quality and as such, you would have to EXPECT that the REAL coders needed for this update are likely busy on iPad. the REAL money making products.

    Products like FCP have never been big money makers, it is a passion driven industry where passion replaces profits. And Apple is now very profit driven.

    So looking from the outside, Guys, Don;t hold your breath. Get into your Adobe products. Thats all they do. They are the best in their class in general.
    FCS may still be a great tool, but for some demanding jobs, CS5 is the competitive advantage FCS cannot deliver.. and for some time to come.


  37. Sorry FCP users, the forecast of 2012 is most likely very accurate

    WELL MIKE! what do you got to say to that??

  38. You know apple has all the money in the world…what 50B or something like that..just put all the programmers you need to do it and go ahead of adobe…even just for the fun of it….the pro app people were with apple when no wanted them in the bad years… apple don’t give a shit…CS5 where are you…or there you are …im coming

  39. I’ve got to say what I’ve said all along… 2010 is Apple’s goal.

  40. Tom Dennis said

    I am not really sure about apple any more, not after this 4.0 sdk fiasco…

    nasty business.

  41. Um Hum said

    “Folks who left were in support, not engineering.”

    THAT IS UTTER BULLSHIT. The fact is that 25-30% of Pro Apps was laid off, with equal representation from engineering and support.

    Employees understand business decisions. It may not be convenient, but when handled well, there’s not much to complain about. Up until now, that’s been the case.

    BUT LYING ABOUT IT IS CROSSING THE LINE. Jobs is lucky that the people let go are professionals who have chosen not to divulge much. But lying about what happened is asking for further disclosure.

  42. apple is going ALL consumer…ipad.. ipod… iphone… ilife…imac..imovie….Mobil all the way….comsumer all the way….that’s where all the money is at!!….no more pro apps… will be gone soon…as everyone starts to go to CS5… will Little by Little kill FCS…….that’s what i think!

  43. Eric Arizona said

    @ digital dream films

    I am already pretty aware as to what you think. From the tone of you posts it is pretty clear that you do not like apple or FCP. That being the case based on your polarizing un-useful comments, why are you here? Are you just trying to cause trouble and stir the pot?

  44. Eeic you got it all worng….I love apple and final cut pro….i spent over 20,000.00 ..two top of the line mac pros…two 30in monitors…17in mac book pro….the new imac….and god knows 4,000.00 in plug-ins for fcp…..but when..nothing happens to make fcs into the 21th century…..and everyone ( adobe) is being upgraded..64bit..and FAST…….and… fcs ….0….no 64bit…no new nothing in the last 5 years ……so yeah maybe apple will see all the…as you say.. stir the pot….and get with it……….and im not the only one who feels this way….I have been reasonable for over 30 people going to mac and fcs from other platforms..SO don’t say I don’t like apple….Im here because this is America and I have a right voce my opinion….if you don’t like it….don’t read it….

  45. Eric Arizona said

    Okay my bad it just seemed very negative and unproductive. I wasn’t suggesting your freedom of speech to be suppressed. I too am frustrated with no real sign from apple as to what they are planning to do. I believe in their products and vision so much that I worked very hard to help my superiors make the decision to invest over 20,000 into a couple of sweet macs. Anyway all the best. Let’s hope that the next final cut pro will be awesome.

  46. thank you my friend….let’s hope it happens soon….FCS 4….I apologize if I said anything to offend you….

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  48. hey mike…any new news about Final Cut studio 4…..

  49. Fren said

    Shurely it’s what all the FCS developers tell their girlfriends. “Next time, baby, next time I’ll be awesome.”

  50. Tom Bodet said

    yep thats the ticket, I used to really like apple, but now that we have an idiot in charge, I am sort of loosing my taste for apples, its a shame really, but I think Stevie has used up all his fairy dust.

  51. I think Stevie has used up all his fairy dust……NO I would have to say that is not true….apple is the BEST…and steve jobs is even better…..I love every thing they make……I love FCS…..I just hope they (apple) don’t forget about how we love it…and keep the upgrades coming…..I think by the end of the year we will see the most best FCS ever!!!

  52. Tom Bodet said

    @digitaldreamfilms Hi do you live in the land of lollypops and sunshine, even when it is raining, my friend you do not live in the real world, you live in your dream films, because in the real world what SJ did to developers, who were counting on a stable dictator not an insane, allegedly) transplant, I want to know if he got a Nazis organ transplant, because the cross compilation Evil, that allegedly Stevie Jobs, did it cost thousands of developers, to loose millions of dollars in lost production, all because he banned third party tools, let me ask you do you use any third party filters? any boris, anything not made by mac in your production, because you could be next, all it takes is a pen stroking, by jobs and your would be out of business, think about that the next time you turn all you money and stick you head in the sand.

  53. Eric Arizona said

    There are 3 things you never bring up in conversation; Religion, Politics… and Mac vs. PC

  54. right on eric….tom has taken this to a new level…..tom take a chill pill….

  55. well this says all…..

    Apple’s Final Cut Studio suite of video post production apps is getting a significant makeover to better target the software to the mainstream of Apple’s customer base rather than high end professionals.

    According to a person with knowledge of Apple’s internal Pro Apps plans, the company has shuffled around management within the Final Cut team in order to retarget its efforts to more closely match the needs of the majority of its customers. Apple’s Mac customer base has steadily shifted from desktop models to notebooks, while also broadening out from a high end creative niche to a wider installed base that includes more prosumer and advanced home users.

    Apple originally purchased the origins of Final Cut from Macromedia, as part of a Pro Apps strategy intended to make the Mac platform attractive to high end creative professionals. After rapidly evolving to become one of the top desktop video editing suites, the pace of Final Cut Studio development has slowed, leaving some users questing Apple’s commitment to its Pro Apps now that desktop Macs make up an ever smaller segment of the Mac OS X business that is itself now being eclipsed by the company’s wildly successful iPhone OS mobile devices.

    Where to next, Final Cut Pro?

    Apple released the current, third major revision of Final Cut Studio last summer. It includes Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, Color 1.5, Compressor 3.5, and DVD Studio Pro 4. None of the apps in the suite currently support 64-bit operation on the company’s Intel Macs, however.

    That curious omission, together with recent rumors of layoffs surrounding the Final Cut team, has left Apple’s Pro App customers wondering what the company has on its road map for the future of Final Cut Studio.

    In 2007, Final Cut Pro’s original lead developer, Randy Ubillos, completely redesigned iMovie ’08 to streamline and simplify the iLife title. The changes prompted criticism from existing iMovie users, as the new app didn’t do everything the previous versions did. Last January, Apple released an enhanced iMovie ’09 version that addressed many of those missing elements in the new app.

    The Final Cut Pro team has since been put back under the direction of Ubillos, according to information AppleInsider has obtained, with the aim of similarly improving Final Cut Studio and making it more appealing and useful to the needs of prosumers. Currently, Final Cut Pro is targeted at advanced professionals with a scaled down, less expensive Final Cut Express version sold to users who don’t need all of its high end features. Because Apple now primarily sells the Express version, the company wants to rethink Final Cut Studio and scale its overall development to better fit the majority of its customers.

    Apple hiring interface designers for new Pro Apps

    The layoffs related to Apple’s Pro Apps team do not spell the end of the company’s interest in building Pro Apps, according to new job postings Apple recently posted. The positions, which include a Senior Visual Interface Designer for Pro Apps and a Senior Human Interface Designer for Pro Apps, support the idea that the company is looking to overhaul its Final Cut Pro offerings rather than sell them off or leave them to rust.

    The listing for a human interface designer states “Apple’s Professional Applications Design Group is seeking a passionate senior human Interface designer who also understands the intricacies of non-linear video editing.”

    It also notes that “the candidate will work closely with all designers, producers and engineers to design the future of Pro Apps; high-visibility applications that are used daily by creative professionals working in post-production (examples include Final Cut Pro, Motion and Soundtrack Pro).”

    The visual interface designer posting says the position “is a key player in determining the future design language of Apple’s Pro Apps (including Final Cut Pro, Color, Soundtrack and others). We are looking for a visionary designer who is ready to and capable of setting the bar for UI design.”

  56. Tom Bodet said

    Yes also I remember this,

    Steve Jobs affirms that HyperCard IS NOT CANCELLED, famous last words

  57. What FCS needs:

    1. A single unified GUI for Compressor.

    2. A faster (hardware based) rendering engine for Compressor.

    3. A more efficient and user friendly GUI for Color.

    4. Blu-Ray authoring in DVD Studio Pro.

    5. A major overhaul of Motion to put in on par with AE with the addition of working with true 3D objects in 3D space. The true Shake alternative we were promised when Shake was dissolved, not the Motion 4 disappointment. Motion could be so awesome if Apple would just put a little more effort into it.

    5.5 Realistic lighting and textures in Motion.

    6. An Apple created 3D authoring tool (with a simplified GUI that is easy to use for Motion Graphics artists) to create 3D objects and text.

    7. Include Aperture 4 with some Adobe PS style paint brushes and image manipulation tools eliminating the need for Photoshop altogether.

    8. To make the entire suite 64bit Native.

    9. Me! Because I would passionately and painstakenly scrutinize every single aspect of the suite until it was absolutely perfect.

  58. @digital dream/films

    Dude, I mean you no offense, but you seem like a confused child. You’ve flip-flopped your opinion several times. One second you believed FCS is coming ‘sooner than we all think’ and it’s going to be awesome; the next second you believed it’s doomed and that we should all rush into Adobe’s loving arms. Make up you mind and stay true to your convictions.

  59. FCS is an awesome suite considering what you get for the price. There is no other suite out there that offers as much value for the same or similar price. That being said, Apple has caused a lot of companies out there to offer competitive products which for the time being, make Apple’s products look dated. However, let’s not forget that before FCS offered components like Color or Soundtrack to their professional suite, who else out there gave us as much? You would have to pay thousands of dollars on a DaVinci before Color came along. So while some of the complaints here are valid, let’s give Apple some credit.

    I do however hope that Apple hasn’t forgotten it’s ProUser base and will make some significantly awesome improvements to both FCS as well as upgrading their long awaited Mac Pro line-up to take advantage of them. Both are seriously paling in the face of stiff competition.

  60. Maven…your right I have been confused….it’s that one day I read and talk to people who say there in the know and the next day read different…. you know I love fcs…and like us all we want the best for ourselves……I just want to know..what happen to….We certainly do. Folks who left were in support, not engineering. Next release will be awesome……..I mean what can we believe anymore….all fcp users who care about the future of fcs…write steve jobs and tell him how we feel…if a lot of people write… maybe then we will get the truth..

  61. The best post I have seen so far is What FCS needs:

    it really tells the entire story, what is concerning to me as an owner of FCP is that the product, is still so unstable, I mean if you go back and look at the Advertising for FCP studio 2 you might think it was the best thing since sliced bread but the truth, not so much, I certainly hope that we see a substantial upgrade and not just a lip service advertising upgrade.

    @digital dream, steve jobs could care less about us the peons that actually use the software, the guy is not at all in the marketplace any longer, after the flash thing I lost all respect for SJ

  62. I think your right…to bad….but i hope it’s not true……steve jobs…if you read this…..keep FCS the BEST

  63. You know I hope apple will also see this and improve.. on that we agree.

  64. olivier said

    FCS 3 is 32bit. They really dropped the ball on that one…

    These times are a changin’ and FCP/FCS is not.

    Show me a 64 bit release that is designed for multicore processors capable of hardware accelerated background rendering throughout the entire suite and I’ll believe that Apple still cares about FCS.

    I’ve been a FCP user since v2 but I personally think it might be time to look at other options…

  65. I agree, I am not going to upgrade until I see feedback from actual users, but you know what really may be behind this apple adobe duel to the death,

    The real fact that adobe beat apple to the 64 bit app path, because that is what they did with the latest CS pathway, they put a whopping on apple, now the ball is in apples court, see @Marven Payne that post, about what FCS needs, is right on target, it is exactly what it needs, along with a native cocoa, 64 bit base, that is what it will take to catch up, forget the apple adobe wars, that is just petulant children behaving badly, I say get back to work and stop acting like a prating child,

  66. Jules said

    All steve jobs cares about is Apple being bigger than Microsoft. Everything they do these days is geared towards emptying the pockets of middle class muppets who have bought into the white consumer dream Jobs paints, by using over inflated prices (because it is Apple) and making them in Chinese sweatshops (and no, no business who tenders production to China can claim ignorance of working conditions… seriously, grow up)

    The iPad is a torrid waste of everything involved.

    The 24″ LED monitor which replaced the 23″ ones doesn’t have an off button… why, because it turns off when you turn off your Mac and is more environmentally efficient… well, what about those of us who are professionals and leave our macs on to render and encode overnight? Not everyone uses their mac to check e-mail, run iTunes and try and look cool. No off button?!!!? Style over substance…. again.

    Every mouse they release looks swish but is crap.

    I’m fed up of conflicts and issues with FCP or compressor which aren’t repaired.

    The speed with which they implement changes to FCP… and i’m talking about logical, sensible changes that you know you need when you use it day in day out is counter-productive.

    The $$$$$ is in the gimicks. Jobs is into the $$$$$$. If I wasn’t so ingrained into the Final Cut studio i’d probably make my next machine a top end PC (rumour has it they run better than the top end Intel Macs anyway) and by Adobe for it.

    Jobs is seriously a deluded tosser. Defend him not.

  67. Well I’ve seen CS5…and all I can say is WOW…….fast fast fast……I hope apple can top it with a new final cut studio…..if and when they come out with it……..when????? that’s the BIG question?…….all things digital…no one even asked about pro apps….that tells you something!

  68. Deep Freeze Films said

    As a professional editor I have to be proficient in all of the major platforms, including FCP of course.
    Although the bulk of my work is AVID based, I still use FCP and always respected it as a fine and competent product.
    But the latest release of Vegas 9 Pro has surprised me.
    No, it doesn’t do EVERYTHING the other two can do, but what it does do, it does better.
    And the R3D support is the best in the industry, which is something Steve Jobs should take a long hard look at if he wants to keep FCP in the top position.
    I don’t harbor any illusions about Vegas taking top spot from either FCP or AVID, but I think it deserves more industry recognition.

  69. Steve said

    I don’t give S@#$T what Steve Jobs says! I’ve been having trouble with compressor for months and nobody at apple can help me! The Submit button is greyd out and no one seems to know why. I called and talked to customer service several times. Then going throough the help forums, found the “help sheet” that the guy was reading from! I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on your products for this BS Mr. Jobs! When I pay good money for a “GOOD PRODUCT”, I expect service, and service, I have not received!

  70. Jason said

    What Final Cut needs is to be more like smoke.

  71. Charles said

    Well, I have to thank you all for this valuable information. I have been planning on switching to a Mac from a PC for a long time now and going to FCP as an editing suite. I still plan to go to a Mac machine but may have to just upgrade to CS5. I use it at work everyday and it rocks. Of course, I may just hold off upgrading and wait until the new FCP suite comes out as long as it uses 64 bit and is not full of bugs.

    I really am tired of Microsoft and wish to use a more professional machine like the Mac Pro multiprocessor unit. PC’s cost more for the same product these days..

  72. Mitchel Mills said

    Do you know if DVD Pro will be upgraded?


  73. I have mostly just given up on FCS, I purchased it with the idea that it would be good softare, but I can see now after two years, that there is no real update, at least not yet, they solved a few bugs, but it seems to me that this entire thing is a big waste of time and money, will I upgrade, I do not know, I am not sure I trust Apple to do the right thing here, it used to be that you could rely on Apple but these days, it seems like unless its hardware related, the focus is just not what it should be, very disapointed in the price I paid for this software and the performance. Very disapointed that Apple has not fixed the “obvious” bugs that are present in this software. I do not recommend it,(

  74. markwood said

    STEVE- you can only use 1 core in distributed build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if you chose 2 or more cores it will never work.
    150% max cpu remember.

  75. Jonathan said

    Predict a feature that will be in the new version of Final Cut Pro and win a FREE upgrade to Final Cut Studio 4!

    Just go here:
    And add a comment with a feature you predict will be in the next version of Final Cut Pro, and you’ll have a chance to win the next Final Cut Studio 4 upgrade!
    Also, look over the other predictions and vote other people’s comments up or down by clicking the balloon!
    The earlier you post, the better chance you’ll have, since you’ll have more opportunity for others to vote your comment up! Read the contest description before predicting!
    To the forum hosts: I thought this forum would be the best place to post this announcement, please feel free to move, and my apologies if I posted in the wrong place!

  76. I really relate to that post. Thanks for the info.

  77. A shame on how things turned out after all :(

  78. All I can say is.. Well.. “I told you so..” I commented a year ago on this blog-post that Apple would not be able to bring out a FCP upgrade until end 2012 at the earliest. (Implementation time etc..)

    And that is still true..

    FCPX is basically the work in progress polished a little and pushed out the door.

    If FCPX is ever going to be what the professional FCP community wanted moving forward, there is still that much more work to do. You will still have to wait 1 to 2 years.

    The only real unexpected set of events is that Apple have shown that mass consumers are of higher priority then the Pro user. Killing of all the older products and making them un-purchasable is an amazing slap in the face for the Pros. If anything it shows how Apple is not “in Touch” with the professional market.

    I do think that Apple has set the foundations for a great product some time in the future, but right now, if your a pro and am not learning Premiere or AVID, your crazy.

    You can always come back to Apple at a latter date but as a Pro, Apple is a dead zone for the next few years.


  79. I just have to wonder, what they are smoking up there, at Apple, because this kind of thinking is what made the edsel so famous.

    Years ago there was really only a few choices, when you wanted to edit, you either used hardware, or you used a generator, no one even knew you could develop a digital UI, but now there are so many different platforms, why would anyone give up a market, unless they are either too stupid to figure out what they are doing or they just do not care.

    This bothers me, simply because, I need to be able to trust in the platform I have chosen. If I cannot trust, Apple, then I must find someone else to work with.

    Our clients are big corporations, they have many different needs, not just professional video and Audio but also programming, portable computers, tablets, mobile, wireless, and more every day.

    When I have to move to another vendor, I am not going to just stop with the Video, I will move it all over to another vendor, because corporations value the bundle, as they should.

    When apple Abandoned, this bundle, as an EOL product, they lost me and they lost all of my clients, because I make recommendations, to my clients, often they in turn follow that advice, What I really find hard to accept is this idea that Apple did this without thinking the matter through, did they really think that they could just $xxx on the corporate community and there would be no backlash?

  80. Steve said

    This is scary for me, because I graduate in 2012 from film school and have been versed extensively in FCP7. From what I understand at the moment, it looks as though Avid will gain even more market share in the cinema world and Adobe will take the corporate market, or just share that with Avid. It also makes me nervous about weather Apple will keep it’s computers compatible with third party developers like Avid and Adobe. I feel like there’s a new Microsoft/Hitler on the block.

  81. reelstuff1 said

    It is really a mess, I have been a loyal MAC consumer since the days of Apple ll, yes, before MAC was popular, this abdicating of responsibility is really a bad thing, I dumped my apple stock at 365 and thank the Gods, too, what a horrible thing, I had a friend that came over the other day with his laptop he was running the Big X, and we had a contest to see who could render out the same video with effects, transitions, logic, and work flow, Adobe won by 13 minutes, now tell me what part of that makes the Big X Awesome?

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