FCS 3: Where is it?

April 21, 2009

Well this is depressing. After hearing confirmation from my source that today would be the day we would finally see Final Cut Studio 3 today, it didn’t come. Remember that this is the same source who gave me the information regarding the nVIDIA chips in the unibody MacBooks, so he’s definitely trustworthy. I’ll post exactly what he sent me so that you can decipher it for yourselves.

The new Final Cut Studio: coming next Tuesday. Native RED + XDCAM support. Motion overhaul (with Shake). Major UI work in Color. New Logic also.

This was sent to me on Wednesday of last week. Perhaps by “next Tuesday” he didn’t mean today, but this coming Tuesday? I don’t know. Hopefully that is the case, or he’ll have some explaining to do.

Sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up. Let’s hope he was right and it was a misread on my part.

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13 Responses to “FCS 3: Where is it?”

  1. martygras9 said

    I seriously just sobbed into my pillow.

  2. @martygras9

    No swearing on Mac Soda.

    I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, I wanted it to come today more than anyone.

  3. martygras9 said

    Mike, apologies all around. Didn’t mean to upset.

  4. I don’t know what to say….I’m freaked out

  5. Josh said

    Get a life people!

    Seriously, if this is the worst thing that can happen to you today, you’re doing pretty good ;o)

  6. well fcp is my life…….oh my god I am freaked out

  7. @ Josh

    Couldn’t agree more.

    @ digital dream/films

    Check the front page. Its coming. Don’t worry, Apple’s not selling it away to anyone.

  8. duel1ghz said

    I can’t speculate on when it is coming out but I will speculate on the reason it has been so long in coming. The reason it has been so long in coming is they had to rewrite significant portions of Final Cut. The original app was purchased from Macromedia and was a classic app. It was updated for Carbon when OS X came out and presumably has been a Carbon app ever since. Being as not all of carbon was updated for 64 bit support in Leopard, a potentially significant portion of the Final Cut app will need rewritten for Cocoa to address 64 bits of memory.

    Bottomline: Final Cut has taken so long because of the jump to 64 bit imho.

  9. @ duel1ghz

    You’re absolutely right… hence the release with Snow Leopard.

  10. final cut studio 3…will be the best out there….I know now mac soda is..

  11. by the way..where you all from..i’m from nj….hello

  12. hi all, I would like to make a poll…..how many of you think final cut studio 3 will come out at wwdc……

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