Final Cut Studio 3 Coming at WWDC!

April 15, 2009

picture-238Hey filmmakers around the country, listen up! Mac Soda has learned that the next version of Final Cut Studio is going to be announced at WWDC. Features will include a Shake replacement, RED and XDCAM support, and a UI overhaul in Color. We have not heard any details regarding pricing, but we assume it to be priced the same as the past editions.

Also of note, Apple will simultaneously release the next Logic Studio. We have not heard any specific features that it will ship with. Personally, I have been waiting head over heels for this product to be announced, and am very excited that June 8th is the day.


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27 Responses to “Final Cut Studio 3 Coming at WWDC!”

  1. blah said

    Hi. That is great that a new version is coming. Also, could you tell me where you got that awesome picture of that baby? I want the original version. :D

  2. SB said

    What is your source? let’s see what happens this tuesday!

  3. Justin said

    Well I hope you’re right, with NAB coming up it’s TIME! I can’t wait till FCS3. I don’t know if others have this problem (I assume so) but every time I “hide” Final Cut, can’t get it back! So I have to force quit the application, sucks SO bad!

  4. yeah, we’ll see…I don’t think so!

  5. I’ll bet fcs3 will NOT come out Tuesday….you will not see it….you could see it july or aug 2009…if not. 2010?

  6. Alex Elkins said

    Can’t see it happening but I hope I’ll be proved wrong. Where did this information come from? People are constantly guessing when FCS3 will be released and so far everyone has been wrong! Apple aren’t even at NAB. Why would they release it today?

  7. Oyvind said

    There are many good reasons to do it today. Everybody is at NAB wondering what to get. Even though apple aren’t at NAB, everybody will hear about it and go back home without getting CS4 at a discount or whatever. I think it would be really smart by apple to release info today. And just dazzle everyone.

  8. Alex Elkins said

    Well hopefully you’re right as I much prefer FCS to CS4. It’s certainly about time for the release because honestly Apple are way behind the competition as it stands. I agree, if Apple are releasing something soon they’d be sensible to announce it this week. Also given the new Mac Pros and the immanent release of Snow Leopard it’s presumably safe to assume that they’re planning something. Fingers crossed!

  9. Scot Walker said

    I just went to the Apple Store and added FCS 2 to my cart with no problem.

  10. Scot Walker said

    And I doubt they would release a new version without a scheduled media event. There is none.

  11. Really?? said

    I think we should all know by now that Mac Soda never has a reliable source and is usually 99% wrong with its predictions. Maybe next time.

  12. martygras9 said

    Reveal your source, because so far this “tip” seems empty.

  13. you are all right………no fcs3….no one wants it more then me….c/on apple do it…it better be soon…..or maybe I will start looking at cs4!!!!

  14. Chad said

    You are full of crap, there is no shake replacement, you will never see a shake replacement because apple has dropped the app for good. Nobody should believe me ( I Wouldn’t if I were you) But I know this for a fact. Mark my words!

  15. Apple may very well have dropped Shake as its own app, but it seems to me that Shake’s functionality will be bundled into Motion.

  16. Chad said

    Possibly, I just don’t want anybody to get their hopes up that there is such thing as “Phenomenon” a little bird told me it does not exist.

    As soon as he said replacement for shake I knew it was bogus.

  17. I don’t know what to say….I’m freaked out

  18. D Nelson said

    Well Tuesday came and went and… surprise, surprise… no FCS3.

    It’s a shame, too.

    As for all the talk about a Shake replacement or integration with Motion. The later is more likely. Motion has already taken on some features of Shake in its last iteration. It wouldn’t take too much imagination to see the two software packages combining. (Shaky Motion?)

    What Apple really needs to do is update DVDSP . They have been stuck on version 4 since before the first version of Final Cut Studio. Before production suite. It’s time to bring in Blu Ray capability.

  19. your right…blu-ray is the goods……and no more render render render….

  20. what do you all think…will there be a final cut studio 3…at wwdc?……mike said yes….but I think NO…you will all see….I hope I’m…..not right!…y would
    all they say is snow leopard…and fcs3…if they can talk about sl/iphone…why not talk about fcs3….y because there’s no fcs3 coming out yet…look for 2010????

  21. hunter said

    well ur source was wrong!!!

  22. Justin said

    MacSoda, you are killing us. That’s 2 major Apple events where YOU said new Final Cut and YOU were wrong. Is it just me or has Apple forgot about their original supporters? What about the professional customers that rely on Apple every day for their livelihood? Now it seems they’re just a cell phone company. Oh look, Final Cut crashed again (surprise, surprise).

  23. I’m rather astonished, to be perfectly honest with everyone. Its not just my source who told me, but 9to5 Mac’s source who told him, and Apple Insider’s source who told them. Three separate sources are usually never wrong like that (especially good ones), so this comes as a major surprise to all of us.

    What I found interesting is that Apple seemed to nix their plan to release a public beta of Snow Leopard, rather waiting for September to ship the final version. Perhaps Apple delayed Final Cut’s release due to this… because remember, Final Cut is completely dependent on Snow Leopard.

    Again, I don’t know anything at this point, and I’m rather bummed out about the whole situation. I apologize to my readers for getting their hopes up… mine were the highest of anyone’s.

  24. Justin said

    Thanks Mike, sorry for taking the frustration out on you. Don’t worry, we’ll keep reading!

  25. Dr Who said

    Vapour source,very good. Keep going & polluting, Donald.

  26. Never reading again. said

    Fail. 2 strikes your out.

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