Best Professional Video Camera (Under 10k)?

March 3, 2009

picture-203I am in the market for a new High Definition video camera, and thought I’d ask the good readers of MacSoda for their opinions on the matter. I’m not looking for something like the Sony HDV-HC1, but rather something like the RED SCARLET. The RED ONE intrigued me, but the price is too steep.

Post your recommendations, along with links, in the comments. The only requirements are that it must be under 10 Grand, it must be able to shoot 1080p at a variety of frame rates, and it must have a high Depth of Field. The best recommendations at each price point (2k, 3k, 4k… 10k) will win a virtual high five and a virtual pat on the back from me in the form of a post, and I’m sure you’ll help out budget filmmakers everywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Recommend away!

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5 Responses to “Best Professional Video Camera (Under 10k)?”

  1. dave said

    why are you referring to something “under 10 grand” as “prosumer”!?!?!?!!? i’m only dignifying this ridiculous question with a response because i genuinely want to know which vision you wish to realise with a camera like the RED Scarlet or similar. want excellent hi-def image quality under ten grand? try something like the panasonic SD9.

    prosumer. jeeez. there’s a distinct tang of the photo geek who spends his time staring at test charts in pursuit of the best image quality but who never spends much time actually making images.

  2. @dave

    Chill out, I didn’t mean prosumer. I was just trying to weigh out major expensive options. I changed it to match my intended meaning. And you have no idea who I am, or anything about me, so don’t judge my intent without knowing who I am. I’m not just some rich guy with cash to throw… this would be a major sacrifice to get, but I do have a vision that I’m very excited about. I’ll post it on Mac Soda when I finish it at the end of this summer… you tell me then if the camera was worth it.

  3. And I specifically said I don’t want something like the panasonic SD9, i.e. Sony HDV-HC1. If you don’t have anything valid to contribute, don’t post.

  4. Merry Prankster said


    I was wondering if you had received any useful info yet? I’m very curious to know what the Scarlet is capable of. I’ve been thinking of buying a new large format still camera, but I have need to shoot motion occasion. From what I’ve read, the Scarlet looks like a good fit. Maybe too good – as in “to be true”.


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