No MacWorld and No Steve

December 16, 2008

See here. In what could be considered the biggest story of the year, Apple will ended the MacWorld era starting in 2010, and is pulling Steve Jobs out of 2009′s event. Whether Steve’s absence this upcoming year is due to an illness (note that the last time Schiller covered a keynote, Jobs was having surgery), or whether its because Apple simply has nothing big to announce is uncertain.

It will be a very interested MacWorld this year. Whether Jobs is present at the keynote, whether a successor is named, or whether nothing big is announced are three things to keep an eye out for. We’re just as confused as you all are, so feel free to post in the comments your thoughts as to why this is happening.

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3 Responses to “No MacWorld and No Steve”

  1. ktom said

    My guess is that after the economic crysis Apple will no longer introduce new products, or rehauls in so small intervals. It doesn’t seem prudent to take risks during this period, and probably the customers will not be able to follow.

  2. tsumy said

    i don’t believe so because apple has high budget customers…

  3. Jeff said

    Apple has been planning to exit trade shows for years. This allows them to reveal products on their own timetable, rather than rushing to get them done for Macworld.

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