iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 For Tuesday?

October 11, 2008


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I just got the latest version of iLife, iLife 09, and am very impressed. You can see my whole review here.

For those of you who aren’t in the market for a new laptop, and thought you were going to make it through this event without spending money, we’ve got news for you. Mac Soda has heard that iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 are going to be announced this Tuesday. Similar to last year, when Steve introduced the iMac, and then branched off into the iLife and iWork updates, Steve is expected to do the same thing this year, announcing the iLife/iWork update with the introduction of a new laptop. We were not told any specific features this update will include, so your guess at this point is as good as mine, but we would assume it will be fairly substantial.


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49 Responses to “iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 For Tuesday?”

  1. Aleks said

    iLife and iWork ->08<- ? Seriously? I’ve had both of them on my MBP for a long time ;)

  2. jimi said

    my sources say “borrrrrrriiinnnggggg”. make up some more crap about the macbook pros.

  3. [...] Jobs introdujo la nueva iMac el pasado año tambien anunció iLife-iWork updates, pues la gente de MacSoda espera que eso vuelva a ocurrir este próximo martes 14 de octubre en “The Spotlight turns to [...]

  4. jimi said

    jimi said:

    [....] mis fuentes dicen “agujerear”. componga más mierda sobre los pros del macbook. [...]

  5. jimi said

    jimi also says:

    [....] mes sources indiquent « ennuyer ». composez encore plus de merde au sujet du pour de macbook. [...]

  6. Let’s keep the comments in English… ;-)

  7. Starfall said

    Support for Blu-ray, perhaps?

  8. My thoughts exactly.

    I didn’t post that because I wasn’t told any features, but logically, that would make a lot of sense.

  9. [...] quelli non interessati ad acquistare o rinnovare il proprio notebook, abbiamo buone notizie. MacSoda si ritiene certa che iLife ‘09 e iWork ‘09 verranno presentati Martedì prossimo durante [...]

  10. jimi said

    my sources have told me that the macbook pros will have DUAL quadcore cpu’s with hyperthreading!

  11. iva said

    “I hate the gooks, I will hate them as long as I live.”
    “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.”
    “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father.”
    “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.”
    “….. Now, tell me, where’s that fantastic gorilla?”

    John McCain……

    ADMIN UPDATE: Do not post discriminatory, racist, or tastless comments on Mac Soda. I will delete the comments, and ban you from posting on Mac Soda.

  12. [...] is now trickling out that we may be seeing some token updates to both the iLife and iWork suites. Mac Soda, the same folks who brought us the nVidia graphics card in the new MacBooks rumors claims to have [...]

  13. alex said

    Finally, something we don’t know anything about! Just like the good old rumors! :)

  14. [...] il sito Macsoda , ci potrebbe essere una sorpresa nel evento del 14 Ottobre . Come lo scorso anno nella [...]

  15. [...] de Rose implica el lanzamiento de una nueva versión de programas que apoyen el nuevo formato. MacSoda en este caso dice que es lógico que Apple lance una nueva versión de iWork 09 y el iLife 09 con [...]

  16. [...] deducción, bastante lógica, según MacSoda sería necesario tener alguna app dentro de iLife 09 que nos facilite las cosas a la hora de crear [...]

  17. Angela said

    Totally figures, due to the sound/multimedia work I do, my boss just sent through approval for iLife ’08 to me this past week. (I needed Garage Band) If I had known, I probably would have held out for the newer version. *sigh* Now I have to go through the approval process again. I love my Macs, don’t get me wrong, but as a business person I really wish they would keep users better informed on releases and allow us to do more solid planning on software purchases.

  18. [...] per quanto riguarda l’evoluzione del DVD per la televisione ad alta definizione. Secondo MacSoda inoltre, durante lo stesso evento di martedì prossimo, verranno presentati anche i nuovi software [...]

  19. [...] Blu-Ray supported drive, you’ll need a way to make Blu Rays discs, right?  iDVD Blu Ray?  Mac Soda  is predicting we’ll see iWork ‘09 and iLife ‘09 revealed on Tuesday as [...]

  20. [...] Apples big “MacBook” announcement this Tuesday. Glass trackpads, $800 MacBook and now “Mac Soda has heard that iLife ‘09 and iWork ‘09 are going to be announced this Tuesday at the MacBook [...]

  21. myapinion said

    check out myapinion on the 3g Iphone

  22. [...] US-Blog Mac Soda vermutet, das Apple während des morgigen Events auch neue Software vorstellen wird. Die Rede ist [...]

  23. [...] und iWork-Programme gab es (bis auf 2007) seit der Einführung als jährliches Update. Im Blog MacSoda ist deshalb das Gerücht zu lesen, bei morgigen Event werde man auch iLife und iWork 2009 [...]

  24. [...] dei due nuovi software iLife ‘09 e iWork ‘09 sarebbe stato predetto da Mac Soda sulla base di semplici osservazioni effettuate sui precedenti Keynote svoltisi nel medesimo [...]

  25. [...] ma se ci sarà un supporto Blu Ray… Potremo ipotizzare un  iDVD Blu Ray?  Così pensa, Mac Soda, che prevede iWork ‘09 e iLife ‘09 rilasciati [...]

  26. [...] last year when Steve released the ‘08 suites at a similarly tagged “Mac event”. Mac Soda and the Apple Blog are believers, as are a few others, plus Kevin [...]

  27. [...] Rumors, Software, iWorkA TUAW tipster pointed us to a unsubstantiated, but intriguing post on Mac Soda noting that iLife and iWork ’09 could be announced at the October 14th notebook event. The current [...]

  28. NeilM said

    Any chance of fixing the punctuation errors in this article’s headline? A beginning single quote mark is not an apostrophe.

  29. [...] TUAW tipster pointed us to a unsubstantiated, but intriguing post on Mac Soda noting that iLife and iWork ‘09 could be announced at the October 14th notebook [...]

  30. lrecker said

    Would love to get a list of the new features in these apps, if the rumor be true.


  31. I would love an iLife 09 update. I am still running the older version!

  32. Mirko said

    I think that too.
    That’s cause there are no iWork 08 in Production. Apple says it’s a thing missing in the production of iWork but i think it will be the iWork 09.

    Here in Switzerland we don’t have some iWork anymore. (Or it’s very hard to get one)

    @ Angela

    That’s not a Problem. When you or your boss bought it in the past 3 Weeks and tomorrow there will be a new iWork or iLife then you can go to an Apple Shop or Store and require a new one. But that’s just in the first 3 Weeks after the Date when you bought it.

  33. [...] MacSoda is claiming Steve Jobs will unveil along with new MacBooks, new versions of Apple’s iLife and iWork application suites. Their sources claim this event will be very similar to the special event Apple held in August of last year, claiming that along with new MacBooks Jobs will demo the new application suites.  [...]

  34. babyas said

    It’s a notebook event-Apple has said so in the media invite, so no iLife ’09 just yet.

  35. Aristotelis said

    It might be “complete and utter bullshit” but… surprise surprise, Bento2 is out NOW. What that means? I don’t know but I’ve heard plenty of people saying that Bento is in someway tighted and sponsored by apple as an iLife complement.
    so if 1+1=2 then bento2+apple event might make iLife 9… or just bullshit :D

  36. [...] MacSoda machte mir Lust auf ein neues iLife, das hätte heute angeblich herauskommen sollen, aber nix war [...]

  37. poetryforlife said

    Looking out for it!

  38. Jay said

    Looks like you guys were WRONG!


  39. [...] mai multor surse: 9to5mac si MacSoda pe 14.10.2008 vom avea si noile iLife ‘09 si iWork ‘09. La nivel de zvon in schimb [...]

  40. [...] catches the worm. Unfortunately, if the bird gets up at 2 AM for a worm, he’ll find nothing. Our story from a tipster, who tricked us into believing he worked at Apple, that we posted as if it was true, [...]

  41. [...] to MacSoda, one of the announcements to accompany the new MacBooks will be iLife ‘09.  They have no [...]

  42. Sandy said

    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thnkas for setting me straight.

  43. […] tra alcuni siti americani che si occupano di indiscrezioni. A lanciare l’ipotesi è MacSoda, un sito molto recente ma che ultimamente sta cominciando a riscuotere visite dopo essere stato il […]

  44. […] tra alcuni siti americani che si occupano di indiscrezioni. A lanciare l’ipotesi è MacSoda, un sito molto recente ma che ultimamente sta cominciando a riscuotere visite dopo essere stato il […]

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