Mac Soda’s Final “Spotlight” Predictions

October 9, 2008

Today Apple sent out an invitation two days late for an event scheduled on October 14th at 10:00 AM PST. Mac Soda posted it’s early predictions for this event a few weeks ago, and I think it was pretty close to what is going to happen. Nevertheless, I felt the need to update them today, so that they can be as close to the truth as possible. So without further ado, I give you, Mac Soda’s final predictions.

Note: Many commenters are saying that we are simply taking information from around the web and posting it. While most of the things here we have posted with our independent knowledge, a few things, such as the MacBook Pro’s graphics card and amount of RAM, is speculation, or is taken from a reputable Apple blog who we can trust. If you have any questions about what is Mac Soda’s, and what is speculation, shoot me an email, or ask me in the comments.


The MacBook's enclosure will look something like this...

Enclosure: Despite popular belief, Mac Soda believes that the outside enclosure will not be made of aluminum (UPDATE: 9 to 5 Mac has heard the same thing). Similar to the iMac, we believe that the exterior will be made of black, iPhone-like plastic, but the inside will be made of aluminum. Expect the machine to be slightly thicker than a Firewire port (.5+ inches).

Screen: 14 inch, 16:9, LED display, with an iSight camera with improved quality at the top. 

Keyboard: Chicklet keyboard, similar to the one it currently has, but backlit (more like the MacBook Air’s).

Trackpad: Glass! More advanced gestures.

Processor: The processor will be from the Centrino 2 family. Expect 2.1-2.4 GHZ speeds, but improved battery life to go with it.

RAM: Up to 4 GB.

Graphics Card: As reported first by Mac Soda, the MacBook will replace Intel’s integrated graphics card with nVIDIA’s. Read more about it here.

Ports: MagSafe, Ethernet, two USB ports, mini-DVI, audio in/out, Kensington slot.

Optical Drive: Expect an updated Superdrive, with support for Blu-Ray.

Bonus Goodies: Possibly a smaller power adapter.

Price: As we predicted earlier, expect the MacBook to drop fairly significantly in price. We are expecting a 300-400 dollar price cut, pricing the MacBook at 699-799 for the base model.

MacBook Pro

Enclosure: All aluminum, all the way around, like it is today. It will be about the same thickness as the MacBook (.5 inches+).

Screen: 16 inch, 16:9, LED, iSight for the base, and 18 inch, 16:9, LED, iSight for the top model.

Keyboard: Chicklet keyboard, backlit.

Trackpad: Glass. Advanced gestures.

Processor: Centrino 2 family, up to 3 GHZ, Quad Core offered, improved battery life for all models but Quad Core.

RAM: We anticipate that the MBPs will allow for up to 8 GB of RAM. 

Graphics Card: In order to please video professionals like myself, Apple will definitely offer a better graphics card than they do now. We have not heard exactly which cards they will offer.

Ports: ExpressCard/34, audio in/out, mini-DVI, two USB, FireWire 800, Ethernet.

Optical Drive: SuperDrive updated to Blu-Ray!

Bonus Goodies: The obnoxious latch the MacBook Pro has now will be replaced, as will the denting power button. The sound quality will be improved greatly, as Steve has been obsessing over sound lately. Potentially a new Firewire standard.

Price: While I wouldn’t be surprised if the price stayed the same, I believe that the MacBook Pro will boast a 1799 starting price.

MacBook Air:

Enclosure: Same as it is now. If it changes, I would be very surprised.

Screen: Same.

Keyboard: Same.

Trackpad: Glass. More advanced Gestures.

Processor: A better, more efficient, 45 nm, faster, processor will be added to the air.

RAM: 4 GB.

Graphics Card: Not much improvement, if any.

Hard Drive: Bigger, and cheaper.

Optical Drive: Nowhere to be seen!

Bonus Goodies: Can’t really think of any…

Price: 1499 (or cheaper).

iLife + iWork

See here.

5 days seems like an eternity…

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54 Responses to “Mac Soda’s Final “Spotlight” Predictions”

  1. Tyler said

    I really like the outside black/inside aluminum idea. And yes, five days is greater than or equal to an eternity.

  2. dimitris said

    a 14″ macbook could be great…..
    If they make the pro 16″ will be less portable than mow
    I do not like the platic enclosure!:-(
    Hope you re not right! :-p

  3. Bob said

    i think you have jsut come u with a compilation of every rumor out there and i dont think very many of them are reasonable. that being said i hope your right on all accounts i would be very happy it jsut seems… unlikely

  4. eddie said

    This is way too optimistic if you ask me

  5. S76 said

    dream much?

  6. Matt said

    Just out of curiosity, is there any reason you believe these specific things, or is it just what you are guessing/hoping? I have not heard much about the glass trackpad recently, and many of the things you stated as matter of fact. I’m just wandering if you could explain to us why these things?

    And also…you do sound pretty optimistic. You stated A LOT of changes and as much as I hope/wish you were right about everything, I HIGHLY doubt all this stuff will be included. Apple hasn’t really been one for “shocking” the crowd anymore if you know what I mean…

  7. The rumor mill hasn’t reported that much of what we’ll see. Most of the stuff I’ve heard from sources, a little is speculation. If I sound unsure about something (i.e. MacBook Pro Graphics Card), it is just speculation.

  8. [...] also pretty clear that most of the rumored upgrades to the Macbook and Macbook Pro lines are going to be a reality (glass trackpads etc.). What I’m really excited about is the 3GHz quad core and 8GB ram [...]

  9. Leonardo said


    It’s just you, come on. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I”. I never understand why people speaks like they are a company. “We” this, “we” that. You are just s guy. One person. There’s no “we” here.

  10. Matt said

    Does anyone have any idea of any site that has/will host all the more “legitimate” looking MacBook Pro mock-up’s that have been circulating the last few months? I would think that some apple fan/blog/rumor site would have done this by now, but for the most part, all these mock up photos are spread around on different sites…

  11. Darren said

    What about the MacBook being 50% plastic, 50% alu? Is that pure speculation? Or you have sources? I really hoped it would be full alu.

  12. the sad truth said

    your “sources” … would those be and by chance? this site is a hack. its your own person apple wet dream diary.

  13. Robert said

    Michael, what reses do you think the screens will be?

  14. Matteos said

    Sorry guys.. i just want to know if the new macbooks will embody Mac OS Snow Leopard or will remain with Leopard.


  15. Dimitris said

    Matteos I highly do not think so….

  16. i can smell bs said

    nobody thinks it’s going to have bluray, the leak pictures argue strongly against hdmi, nobody’s even whispering about a $700 pricepoint (either $799 or $899 from most observers for base price).

    This is just wet-dreaming, you have no sources that we don’t, and you have zero credibility.

  17. i smell bs too said

    All you do is compile the rumors from other sites and try to claim they’re yours…this site is pathetic.

  18. MacUser said

    how could anyone “steal” rumors?!

  19. i can smell bs said

    not to mention quad core. lame fanboy nonsense. Get real. This is so ridiculous, shouldn’t even be wasting my time here.

  20. What I’ve posted is based on three factors.

    1. What I’ve heard from sources.

    2. What I’ve heard from discussions with other bloggers.

    3. What I haven’t heard anything about, and have speculated.

    What I’ve posted here is what I believe will come. Will I be wrong on some things? Of course. But what I’ve posted is, to my knowledge, the closest to what will actually come.

  21. Darren said

    So Micheal, you are 100% sure that the MacBook won’t be full aluminium? Did you hear from a source that the MacBook will stay plastic or it’s just your speculation? I really hoped and beleived that the new MacBook would be aluminium!

  22. Yes, that is something I heard from a source. Shortly after I heard, 9 to 5 Mac heard the same thing. You can check it out on their site. While the MacBook will have plastic on the top, most of it will still be aluminum. It will have a two-toned look, similar to the iMac (aluminum on front, black plastic on back).

  23. Darren said

    9to5mac only states that the INSIDE of the MacBook will be aluminium, ie the oter shell will still be plastic! Am I losing something?

  24. It will be two-toned: the exterior being plastic, the interior being aluminum.

  25. Darren said

    By the word ‘exterior’, you mean the shell of the laptop or inside the laptop ie where the hardware lies?

  26. ibeats said

    Black and Aluminium makes sense for the Macbook in that it will differentiate it from the Pro. I have an iMac with the two tone and its real nice! I’m in for a new Mackbook to replace the G4. Great job Michael.

  27. WISDOM said

    stop insulting him.

    if you don’t like this site go away!

  28. blahblahblah said

    so lets get this straight … your “source”, which isnt … gave you this information BEFORE, and then after posted the info .. you felt you should do the same.

    Uhmm .. Yeeaah .. okay.

  29. @ Darren

    When the laptop is closed sitting on a desk, what to you see? That will be plastic. The top shell. The rest will be aluminum.

    @ blahblahblah

    I posted the plastic MacBook rumor before 9 to 5 Mac did. If you read the story, you can see I added the 9 to 5 Mac link once they posted it to help confirm what I had heard.

  30. blahblahblah said

    you posted the link to 9to5 because that is your “source” .. outside of your own dreams and wild speculation, you have not brought a single substantiated rumor that didnt exist on macrumors or 9to5mac first … you have no source. you have an internet connection, and an obsession problem like everyone else.

  31. Darren said

    Oh ok! Thanks for the info! Do you think it will be glossy or matte? I think glossy is more prone to scratches.

  32. Nicklas DK said

    Why don’t we just wait until Tuesday to see, guys. Please.

  33. Michael Kontaxis said

    Do you not remember the rumor that nVIDIA would be the graphics card in the MacBook? That was me, as was the plastic rumor. Just because 9 to 5 is more well known doesn’t mean they posted it first.

  34. newbie said

    Do you stick by nVidia? What with Apple slamming them today on faulty chips. Seems like bad timing to publicly humiliate the supplier of your chipset for new notebooks.

    Also are your sources saying blu-ray, or is that speculation? I actually think 16×9, Blu-ray, and HDMI is what would make this announcement something special, the rest is just speed bumps.

  35. Mac4Obama said

    Amazing people, It’s so sad to see so many of you criticizing this guy for publishing his predictions. Disagreeing is one thing (I am doubtful about blue-ray) but if you think this site has zero credibility, how about you build your own site, fill it with your negative comments, and see if anyone gives a damn what you think?

  36. [...] Mac Soda’s Final “Spotlight” Predictions Today Apple sent out an invitation two days late for an event scheduled on October 14th at 10:00 AM PST. Mac Soda [...] [...]

  37. brian said

    should rename this website

  38. mustapha said


  39. Darren said

    You will all be amazed, embarrassed and humiliated when on the October 14th, Apple will release their new MacBooks and 90% of Micheal’s rumors/predictions will turn out to be true!

  40. Do you know That One is a black PC user?! Obama is a computer illiterate!
    My campaign team has white Mackintosh machines. They make music. And you can watch TV with it,
    Don’t give up on me!
    Vote white!
    We are discriminated because we are white.
    Vote for me.

    ADMIN UPDATE: Do not post discriminatory, racist, or tastless comments on Mac Soda. I will delete the comments, and block you from posting for good.

  41. Mac4Obama said

    Ha ha ha… Lets just reach across the aisle with two tone Black and White computers…. Our computational challenges are just too big; too big to be distracted by these rumors of black ‘Made in Arabia’ Macbooks….

  42. Nicklas DK said

    A 300-400 dollar price cut is highly unlikely.

  43. Stian said

    0.5 inch thick? No way! Its never going to be thinner than a MBA.

  44. The MBA is .16-.76 inches. It is certaintly possible for the MacBook/Pro to be .5 inches, especially if they are tapered (i.e. .5-.8 inches).

  45. @ newbie

    My sources are saying Blu-Ray.

  46. Satyajit said

    I was Expecting SSD drive too in MacBook Pro….

    But they are too costly right now..

  47. Stian said

    Todays MB is 1.08 inches thick, its too fat! I really hope for at least 0.8 inch thicknes. And please, no internal optical drive. I use the drive rarely, if at all.
    I am soooo excited, cause soon I’ll have a new MB, MBP, or MBA.

  48. You sound like a perfect candidate for the MBA. You want a thin computer, with no optical drive. With the update expected at the Tuesday event, if you’re sure you don’t want an optical drive, you should get a MBA.

  49. Mike, is the glass trackpad wishful thinking? If not, what is the source? It was mentioned a few months ago along with some PS mock-ups, and then nothing more was said. I thought that rumor died. However, if Tuesday proves it to be true I would be beyond happy as I love the iPhone’s interface.

  50. Darren said

    22 Hours left for the event! WOOHOOOOO!

  51. Yes, there will be a glass track pad!!!

  52. [...] MacSoda in einem Artikel veröffentlicht nur versuchen, Vorhersagen über die Veränderungen, die eingeführt werden, um neue Notebook. [...]

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