New NVIDIA Chipset: For Use in New MacBook

Alright everyone, listen up. Mac Soda has heard word that the new MacBook, due in the next few weeks, will incorporate NVIDIA’s new, MCP7A-U graphics chipset. According to exPreview,

“MCP7A-U is the top class chipset in the MCP7A family. Though it could be named as GeForce 9XXX, it will be come the first mainstream uATX mobo with DDR3-1333 support. Sources inform us the MCP7A-U will be the “fastest mGPU”, but who knows.”

Don’t be turned off by the fact its integrated. Other features this chipset boasts include low power consumption, and full HDMI support.

So there you have it: the MCP7A-U will be the graphics card of the new MacBooks (and possibly MacBook Airs).

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