Ahh!!!!! (Ya!!!!)(Ugh)(Ya!!!)(Haha!)(Grrrr!)

August 1, 2008


No! Last night I was finishing up editing a promotional video I made for the YMCA (I’ll post it later), and took a break from the Apple world from about 6 PM-10 PM. I couldn’t have taken a break at a worse time. An application called NetShare was released which addressed an issue that I wanted addressed more than anything: 3G tethering. Unfortunately, the app was pulled right before the time when I checked MacRumors.

Let’s pray that Apple allows it back on.

UPDATE: The Lord answered my prayer. I downloaded the app and it is up and running! Yes!

UPDATE 2: Well NetShare busted my entire phone, and forced me to restore, only to bring to my attention that my sole backup (because it takes so long) was corrupted. I now have to reinstall all my applications, restore my preferences, re-sync my 16 GB of Music and Movies. 

Forget Apple allowing it back on, let’s pray Apple release 2.1 sometime soon!

UPDATE 3: I fixed it. Thank God!

UPDATE 4: The game continues! NetShare has once again been removed from the App Store! I’m sure glad I bought it, even if it meant losing all my application data!

UPDATE 5: iPhone was destroyed once again. I lost my app data for a second time upon syncing. I hate you 2.0.

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