iPhone 2.0 Annoyance

July 31, 2008

I know I posted a list of annoyances already, but this one is really driving17 Uninstalled Updates... me crazy. When updating applications in Installer, the app would update in the application, then reset the springboard, and the app was in the same place that it was before you installed the update. Not the case with 2.0. In the App Store, after updating an app, the update is moved to the last spot on the last page of your applications. This is incredibly annoying, as it then requires you to move the app back to where you had it, messing up your entire order. The hassle, to me, is not worth “bug fixes”. I now have a ton (17 to be exact) of applications that have available updates, that I am not updating because I prefer the order of my springboard more than the updated applications.

Hurry up 2.0.1.

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3 Responses to “iPhone 2.0 Annoyance”

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